Friday, October 17, 2008

Small Press Reading
7 – 11 pm w/ afterparty
The Garden Room
215 West Dickson Street,
Fayetteville, AR
$5 suggested donation
Readings from small press poets Ralph Adamo, Maureen Alsop, Anne Boyer, Joseph Bradshaw,
Lily Brown, Adam Clay, Julia Cohen, Graham Foust, Jane Gregory, Carolyn Guinzio, Philip Jenks,
Shannon Jonas, Susan Scarlata, Abraham Smith, Mathias Svalina, Bronwen Tate,
Tony Tost, & Timothy Van Dyke, w/ blues intermissions by Greg Brownderville

Saturday, October 18
, 2008

Frank Stanford Literary Festival

12-5 pm
Walker Community Room
Fayetteville Public Library
401 Mountain Street
Fayetteville, AR 72701
free admission

Panel Discussions
12-2:30 pm

“I am the Nijinsky of dreams”: Possibilities for Scholarship & Criticism on Frank Stanford
Lucas Farrell, Shannon Jonas, Michael Hoerman, J. Peter Moore, Murray Shugars & Sandra Simonds, w/ moderator Adam Clay

“The moon throws knives”: Frank Stanford’s Influence on Experimental Poets
Panelists include Graham Foust, Philip Jenks, Prageeta Sharma, Tony Tost & Joshua Marie Wilkinson, w/ moderator Susan Scarlata

“When you take the lost road”: Frank Stanford as Poet & Friend
Panelists include Ralph Adamo, Irv Broughton, Bill Willett & others close to Stanford, w/ moderator Matthew Henriksen


2:30 - 3 pm
It Wasn’t a Dream It Was a Flood
Screening of Irv Broughton’s legendary Stanford biopic, introduced by the director

3:00-5 pm
Frank Stanford Reading
The Singing Knives (Mill Mountain 1971, 1979; Lost Roads 2008)
Ladies from Hell (Mill Mountain 1974)
Shade (Mill Mountain 1973, 1975)
Field Talk (Mill Mountain 1974)
Arkansas Bench Stone (Mill Mountain 1975)
Constant Stranger (Mill Mountain 1976)
Crib Death (Ironwood Press 1978)
You (Lost Roads 1979, 2008)


Saturday, October 18 – Sunday, October 19

The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You
7 pm – 7 am
Metro District Meeting Room
509 West Spring Street
$5–10 suggested donation
Marathon reading of Stanford’s epic 15,280 line poem, originally published in 1977 by Mill Mountain & subsequently by Lost Roads


Sunday, October 19

Sunday Brunch Reading
12-4 pm
Smiling Jack’s
262 South School Street
free admission
Eat brunch on the patio behind the Dickson Street Book Shop and hear readings from poets from Fayetteville and afar,
including Samuel Amadon, Stephanie Anderson, Dot Devota, Tim Earley, Christopher Eaton,
Lucas Farrell, Farrah Field, Michael Heffernan, Kevin Holden, Scott Pierce, Brandon Shimoda & Jared White