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Fall Line Up

Always Free!

The Fall Café
307 Smith Street
Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Fridays, 7:30 PM

August 18th______Jenna Cardinale, Michelle Detorie, & Arlo Quint
September 15th___Thibault Raoult, Sandra Simonds, & Maureen Thorson
September 22nd___Jane Gregory, Frank Sherlock, & Jake Adam York
September 29th___Dan Hoy, Justin Marks, & Chris Salerno
October 20th_____Lee Ann Brown, Joanna Fuhrman, & Erica Kaufman
November 17th ___Julia Cohen, Mark Lamoureaux, & Africa Wayne

The Fall Cafe
Sundays, 6PM

August 27th _____Reneé Ashley & Shanxing Wang
October 29th ____Kazim Ali, Bruce Covey, & Juliet Patterson

Pierogi Gallery
177 North 9th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Saturdays, 8PM

September 23rd __Alex Lemon & Brenda Shaughnessy
October 21st ____Adam Clay & Kate Greenstreet

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