Mud melts and refreezes
new snow falls

Daughter walking
on a crust of ice               shrugs
her hot pink elbow gloves
penguin flippers

Won a jug of maple
hair cut                cider               loaf of bread

I don't like how much
I want it               my friend said
of the house before her
bid was accepted

Dropped viscous oil of vetiver
bathing children whisk into a froth

Patriarch's pink blazer
colors the benefit               yarn I dyed
with goldenrod snags on winter
dry hands               skin hooks my sister says

Flossed gap left by the broken
filling          uninsured still haven't called the dentist

Living in               inn land
rented no gardens
dwell for a season
and pack up

Summer could be
whiskey               Snorkmaiden's bikini

Blood orange dark maroon rich still
against fennel      salt the chicken early
hot sauce on egg yolk
chalky sweet chestnut kobocha

Sing I'll take the low road               I dream a highway
son demands all the verses by phone glow

Clean out desk drawers
mice nibbled
leather flats
I never wear