1. Definitions

The feather:
The part of the bird that does not decay.

The soul:
The part of the human that does not

Knowing the soul we can know

Of the feather:
We can know only the soul.

2. Fish

Fish in a bowl
Aging without effort

Like to watch a long time
Obscured by people

Who wave.
The rest are displaced

Onto the water,
Into the heart of the viewer

Or elsewhere, for later.
If we strip them away

It looks like a woman.
No wonder it took two tries

To make her.

3. Addition

One has a wonder
Two imagine death
And they stone
A body I
Looked like
Once I thought oh
I thought
In order to think
In order to think
One must learn how
I could let you
Teach me how
If I could let you

4. Love

In love with complication
Wounded by urgency
Surmounting memory

Like a cresting ship
Elements compete
For spatial representation

If you don't hear me
Elements compete
For spatial representation

The dead compete
Within a definition of consciousness
That doesn't include them

And the stone over and what
I looked like when
I invented her I said oh she's

Oh she's not
What I thought


There there was faith
Instead of god

And food
Instead of sleep.

The only good
Was forgiveness

Of evil

The rain lasted
Only an hour,

The field
Only an acre,

But I never could tell a field from rain.