—Myung Mi Kim

First name last name harm

First name last name death

Flowers are beautiful

This is heavy

Someone else will drink the wine

First name last name prize


Snow falls as rain

Mucus accumulates

A plan one year in advance

Feeling of belonging to the imminent past

Sphere blue with futility


Face ruptures

Stress thump

Stress thump

Strange fullness

The heat turns on


White footpath

Diamond circle

Brain and brain and skull

Vanishing steps

There is no obvious correlation to the poem


Bloomed skin, red rash


Illicit profusion

Each chapped lip takes in dust

I have to emerge into the world


Small series of replacements

Quotidian effect of pain

I wake up tired

The failure lain down to sleep

I throw what little energy I have left at the wall


The scars in continual rupture

Open mouth

Lip & whitehead

The human skin regenerating cleanly

(The scar erodes)


How is it a virus is not contagious

Little bloom

Little archipelago under the skin

I google thrush, I google anxious death

I seem to be truly changing


It is not twilight

Other names are fear or grief

To move on and through a feeling, the feeling must be honored

Some encounters could have been avoided


A scream

The screen shakes

I am not crying

I want this blurred hour to continue


New room

I felt as if a stranger walked through the wall

The heart rate settles

The heart rate rises


A timespan holds sadness

A shape like a holster