There are a number of slender heaves in the wall
electricity will mold in there

This one I walk
I woke through the glass
I woke for pie in the night
under the pillow I hear rain

we were swimming, as others were
there was a big suicide pact
out at this beach town
and there was a gun the owner of this bar had
there were hammocks or cots people bought for the night
the ones in the water would die I recognized

there is no more shadow
if you choose to cry
we will be setting up a meeting
atop the playground tower

we went outside with the light on
some animal is living there
where the people you almost saw
what your hair hides
is a skin, covers

harp in the window
catching the slight wind

we would take you as
writing over the large label on the other building
there's a rooster having some uncomfortable feelings
toward an ex
water bill

at this time impending
we've absorbed that
for what its worth
that wasn't Voltaire playing loose with the truth

this is the reverse pill
you put yourself inside it

the paddle is not on me
there is no more change of direction

power up the altar
zebra dinosaur dog
bison wood water shell
rock leaf guide us

mother of mother of rivers guide us
leaf of the tree of enlightenment guide us
rock from the mountains where the sheep be
sand from Andaman mixture upon our heads and chest
guide us

pause woof woof

we're going to induce tomorrow


They've replaced the cord with a brighter one
which channels a dark blue
a blue bulb standing in for sky
and a white one for sun
which no organ has yet seen

she is still expelling the darkness
the black we let harden on her belly
where the cord was cut and receded to

she is taken aback by a mammoth
seeing all of human history in this sleep

bags of dust in fog
tops open in the wind

dishes pulled from the water and stacked

they kind of look like frogs
within the window

everything she'll forget
you almost

this is what its like in the ship
fluorescent overhead
the near light
the angled light, softened
coincides with a leak in belonging

we have one lung
the pictures say there's air
between lung and rib
they may puncture
the body of our baby girl

wringing specks from the haze
the moon stares at bright stars
copied out constellations

gold specks her nose
there's a raisin waiting in her belly
to fall

a lever is a beam
connected to the ground by a hinge
called fulcrum

"give me a place to stand and I shall move the earth with it"
said Archimedes

blue light somehow changes the waste of the blood
to a passable substance

the ideal lever does not store or dissipate energy
Sarah's pumping and I'm labeling
breastmilk, collected time

the animal needed hunting at lunch
large pipes being driven along the creek
those lines can stay in seven to ten days

the cord only appears tender
sprang from the stem

the proto-Indo-European also gave rise to English light

the first act you are forced into
is to gender the child
both times I guessed

male is the root
female the prefix,
the modification of direction

she hid and turned
she's been surveilled since before birth
and immediately machine

doublephone, two receivers
you speak to the translator
who speaks to the patient who speaks
to the translator who speaks to you

the raisin was sewn in
most of it's fallen out now