On the far side we're kicking up tundra out of tú

& no one & no one

                        on earth can see

                                     though they swear by
                                     (-we) though do not sing to
                                     moonwomen, sickle-hipped & shape

& very well maybe & most certainly do

                                                                         their wishes bounce

                                                             & chase after & chew

                                      our moondust

                        when we are carousing with stellar winds & moon-

Oh moon we're over the you about you

Dear moon do you need a tundra to look after

                        tú       dear familiar       dear shipwrecker

              salamander with wings of swallowtail

                                                 lucky charm fisher-

                                     queen waterless & aloof

It's just us two & we are twisters
that don't leave the ground to [       ]

Welcome to our moonhaus
& we don't have to ghost

shout we're all the worlds living between tú
                        which is why the moon

                                                             wears her sunglasses at night
                                                             where exploding stars fall
                                                             shock breakout bright

when kiko & I are kicking up
a tundra out of tú
& summoning the sun & dew & oh

                                                 we're over the you of you

                                                                           & howling until the wolves coo
                                                                           until the cow jumps over [       ]
                                                                           & we enchantress

                                     shine our super red from giants blue

                        & dear nasa rogue
                                        that's us collapsing
                                                        gravity so star power
                                                                        we vogue

        & oh meteorites & asteroids we set fire to

                    & make more than a planet out of

                                dear [       ]

                                                & dear moon

                                                             do you need a

                                do you need a

                                                                           she looks

                                                             the far side of

                                                we are

                                all the dark side moonwalking after you





Let's not skin a horse and wear it together.
Elsewhere I have to say no. Elsewhere I can't stand
The smell of all our blood pooling together,
Like horses awakened too early under the skin of the artic.
Don't ask how far I would go to skin
An uninhabitable place of its song.
Elsewhere I kiss the mezuzah and enter a home,
But fortune hunters arrive with the first snow,
And all I hear are weary horses within weary door.
To not skin will make us thin and mutinous.
And the horse is many, and I am
Spiraling footpath and high
Fence with pointed tips
Poisoned, the perfect circle
Under the spell of mountains laurels.
Elsewhere crows must always flap their wings.
Elsewhere a single raven is many
Paths circling, intertwining.
We inhale deeply their feathers
And another life is saved. Even then I'd say no
To farmstead, longhouse, box-bed.
I'll drink no more from golden chalice
Stolen straight from a king's lips, nor hang
Crucifix, portrait, parchments,
Even this skin
To cover all the doors we've broken.
For all the sulfur clouds of Venus
Where a single day is longer than its year would I only
Give this skin. I'd endure the frozen side of Mercury
And breathe the gas rings of Saturn
If it meant I could return to you
The kind of darkness in which nothing survives
Until it awakens
Some new planet
Right here
In our solar system–                                a cold
Distant no one
Has seen it
As we tell it
An army of horses rising like lazarus
If lazarus had never risen