In December 2016, Kylie Jenner posed on the cover of Interview Magazine in a gold wheelchair,
                                          in an effort, she said, to visualize how she feels “limited” by the “surreal” nature of fame.

Dear Kylie,

I'm so glad I have enough muscle
control to give you the finger.
I am no one’s melted fucking clock;

Your family is a collection of orange women
whose noses shrink and whose eyes
migrate to the sides of their faces.
You are a Cubist’s wet dream!

People like me are more mountain than bone.

Talk to me about being barred
from a building that's stood for a century
because of the width of its doorways,
as if your city itself is naming you unwanted.

Talk to Chris, picked up
under the arms by two drunks and thrown
from his chair. Hahaha!
Talk to Maria who, at three,
tried to cut off her hands.

Jordan was four. His mother threw him
over a bridge because death’s better
than Autism--so you can't talk to him.
No metaphors.
I know these stories. I know the weight

of eyes, but Kylie, don't you realize we’re being
served on the same long table for all those
who want to devour what disgusts them?
I shouldn't have to wear you to be human. You can't

sticky your pretty with my bloody history
unless you're willing to hold hands
with my kind of untouchable.