For every ohthankgod door that opens on its own 
a hundred more                                        trap Jane

on the wrong side     of where she needs to be
and there's never enough air      anywhere

for all the breathing
she's got          to get       done.

Her arms look like all the arms lucky you so no eyes stare
until she can’t push through    an inspiration!   push through

Liar liar arms on fire
Why don’t you ask for help     don’t you ask for help

Her presence is a knocking is a nuisance
Come in the doors’ voices say

but the doors         stay closed.





                    -for E.S., C.N., & U.K.

When the doctor slides the shush
inside Jane's skull, when he sends in
this tenderness, Jane can't remember
the difference between lidocaine
and love. The sirens quiet—
a stillness spreads.
                                     Jane's soft palate domes
toward heaven, toward Hallelujah.
Among the blood pressure cuffs
and the nurses with warm blankets
and the charts with their numbers,
something holy happens.
for the doctor's genuflecting fingers, praise
for the PT and his bag of magic. Praise
as the pain-psychologist sculpts this clay,
as the body turns to trust. Praise,
yes, for the pain and yes as it’s lifting. Praise 
for the body, raised from its dust.




Young Lady Jane's lips want something red.
Her hands grab whatever they please.
Young Lady Jill's made of cherry candy, but
she's melting – God’s got an awful heat.
Young Lady Jane's got to licklicklick.

Doesn’t matter where that tree might be.
The church elders' astonished dentures
will pop out, chatter in the Holy Spirit
and gather ‘round the apple-strewn trunk. 
They will chew-hew that tree down.





Jane is not an apple,
nor an hour in a glass.

When fully folded,
Jane is an inhibitor cystine knot.

Girl’s got three disulfide bridges
on that hot structural motif.

She is her own ring structure.

Girl’s got chemical, thermal,
and mechanical stability.

Look closely. Girl’s the shape of venom.
She can paralyze you or heal you.

Her peptide backbone is pierced. Look out!
Jane carries an amino acid side-chain.






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