The instrumentality of hands born
through weighty procedure in this,
the realm of agriculture - demonstrated
through acts of grasping and reaching:

Cranes and swallows do not have to be
coaxed from their sky, the sound of wings
disturbs the moon as it surprises stones.

Viewed as mechanical contrivances,
under the influence of telescopes or
encyclopedias, arms resemble watery
devices abandoned in the desert.

Nearby, tin cans mingle with a variety
of night-blooming flowers; a snake
crawls blithely, willfully across the sand.




Spring is an infection. And
those thin chromosomes got
muddy in the river. There is
a separate mechanism for
decoding audio but it is bound
up in the intricacies of cellular
transport. Everything is green.

Here is where you swallowed
a separate poison from those
other creatures who came out,
wandering toward the safety of
electric night, the humility of food.

Some were like night birds that year,
swimming 'round your head, singing.



one ghost flutters. remember
how the universe was coming
apart and you spliced it back
together with clear tape just
so everyone could see how
the planets unwinding signified
your defiant march to the stars:
those were a series of calculated
events designed to pass moonlight
through solid walls, thick lenses,
the fluid mechanics betrothed to
selected members of the animal
kingdom. She is now covered in
layers, much like a favorite seed.