We meet fruit flies in an office kill resin-trap amber page.

Spend other eyes shut type

No hitting idea practice. Graceful

fingers. Miss Paris France,

wish a lot for the future. The nature board.

Ride skin clammy coziness. Blanket

relocations—wandering & don’t. Friend hates crying and

nausea minute steak. Absent equilibrium a very

single nerve-damaged never pleasure.

Yes, I’ve been there. Empty

suck OK days or minutes suck.

Scales favor a moment, right now,

and I’m grateful. Celebrate as possible

grant gut every day, gush gush gush.

Score. School clean crisp transition. Crows and strawberries

square away whiff of orange blossom or my head, warm in the nose.

Blanket the missing people. Trip to pet

shop. Form momentum with interruption sincerely. Every

black word a concrete nap. Treasure also hungry and wonder.

Vomit but tummy yummy page kimchee. You are numbers.

Transpose considered dyslex.

Copies. Stocking bar and my kid. Realm of sound. Please, just one sound.

The fly. I can do this. Social Meds. Eyelid fluorescent in a room paneled

knotted torso because how else rid you of a brownfield.

Eye lead overstimulated? Leaden arms off contra-dancers’

skirts spin inverse tornadoes clackety black shoes full of gifts.

Dance I do not learn. Watch a dark place anonymously.

To slumber trip away to cot in a place like that.

Hearty snack to the beer. River bother

midges and Vilna. City on a river for lack

of better water. Eddy is a good name for a girl dance move.

Vein of old sun—blemished infinite, infinite.

Short oranges smelled a corpse I hope never to.

Body turn so suddenly sweet to sugar, but we people begin acrid.

Nana, miss strange polyester bobby-pinned wavy either way.

I have not the reins, Satan. Text the state of Minnesota.

Amortization if into a pod pick my child a little golden rosy boy named Hans and a strong sense of justice.

How he is says, “No.”

Question binary erasure could just.

Well suck hard so just keep beat the wall it won’t beak maybe.

It should maybe would release people—good. Remember

a dream less trash applied distance.

Lame horrible no good dirty untrue, untrue!

So security care you can’t stop. Forge god.

Or sometimes hair stuck the cup too many sources of discomfort.