Ferry bends and brings about the relighting of lighting. Negotiates its barge body in a bed of sea. Languidly jolting up and down, I made the decision to dress myself in clashing fabrics. It was a reverberation of an inner-me becoming outside implication of character. Bonding my body to physical space garnered solely by perception.  I saw the sheets of time as the landscape spread out before me and felt an itch to nurture. I traveled to writ disillusionment pure, to rarify chance and drop constituent taboos, to rape myself of the self.



Decorous rebirth turned institution, the most blasé culture replica
The most infinitely poor, oh you poor poor person without a way, without
                   flinching eagles and parables, without words to speak about
                   your ways, your ways are dirt, stomped out in the ground
If it could be faulted grass, if it could be faulted clay
But I, bespoke the mammals, gurgigate gorgeous gate, reverse lawn,
                   aftermatch death faultlines wheeling over the splints


(due to reverse the sculpture is to have the sentiment blind)



still rocking the blue vest?
still motioning the motion detector light on so that someone will come &
                   find you- from behind you --------------------
can you visit the lyric pool?
take shelter from the from?