To enter and again not not exactly / you / the numb
Impression / vox, moon us, face our made: the closure

The lead you make / can't even make a sound / huh?
It will voice several things / here when unauthored

Here here offends work you do not have / control
The more I think / I have control the more I stay

Held there about the incredible ease of foreheaded
Outreach / wherefrom the / the face with it was a city, mixed

Up air, its twin scar / a hinge reeled
From this leave again and again not all

My window enacts / is a stain, thought / the ahead self
Will taste stiff / and busted water it / it frames it / it

Completes circuit / its conductant forwards the willing actor
Open mouth from your closing tongue. Amused thought

No? No / answer unstopping static / if. If I do I do you don't
Mind? Do you? To withdraw, be upstairs in the same eyes

seeing them / the same prop ashed in / in conduit enclosure
But readily I scan to the mouth speaking, having you

All this record as if it had been a charge / to watch over you.
I would like to begin today





As the dials assume eternity / as the first thing
We do is / you & I / make us talk of all

            Around us / sound like vertical

With swaying / otherwise our head would not bow
Would not advance as the rungs / advance in &

Below / the interfered pause otherwise / we notice
We who may touch & advance wake & further

Advance / up the hill coursing / can to the waves
Tell them / what we now so live / as if they no more

            Care not to repeat the otherwise

Tuned to away / to the deep of the / to seeing it as
Soon we will be / where our own eyes will see

            Source & cause

& allow us our face back / to the mysterious wipers
The kind wipers / then first thing we do is make of things

Around us / seen what is

Around us / a language

From the share

Otherwise we might not advance / our eyes onto the dark
Spaces where we know the morning star will inhabit

            Ever the same & during moment

            But we are early





Mostly I fear what I have already / told you one one must
Watch / all housed of that that there is / from one ten

Steps corner to another is one hundred / one hundred
Fifty times I shall have a verst / walked until I am

The mist / and the distance mist assumes / and the edges
Around mist occasionally / knocks back at the staircase 

Wrapt round the absent / center I dropped
The interior’s last lit candle as it made little / difference to

I did / not but not seeing for how thick the midst cleaved
One second / the dish-seized light I / could be sure to

Solid had / returned the stillness it listens for at bottom
Reminds / wall / minds my disappearance in

In the words are lost the gargle / of rushing water
Water in the below / of pipes the secret exchange of

Realized exchange / me with who rules stairs or the thought
Enough / dense pall through / of volution the stairs

What might I / upper / see a fetch of light culled toward
Or hear from height height / the toil I set past / the mist

Every available scrap of it exhausted / every ration my space is
All the constant blind / driven dusk of what I around me

Feel to be packages / leaflets / cut outs / an hour of sound
Seizing where to call on the left light turning as the stairs turn

Depth to new surface / is not to expect / answer from waiting for
what / man? Air to ice. Plug to field. Gloss to why / do not

Any more / things happen to me? / to mine also. For ashes
I am building / tolerance of ashes / without the repeating

John Jumeaux  / without the substance of / what I wouldn't
Give to be you mine / room from I / steadily expand from

In dull service / un-whole laughter wetting the spilled
Back neck / back a final question: / what is it like outside?

Outside of that / light occupies the fog I speak fever getting about
The breathing of this room I did not want / my head all the way

To turn to / to look at him / to beckon / to admit again the
Guide's snuffed shade / to ask / where that / where is that candle?