A way of hijacking entire impulse and placing, then losing, it in my body.
Nip the skin to produce its charm.
Do endless loops mimic stamina?
Wants to say bruise me an eye here.  There.
Pulling hair extends her body through fingers.
There's a whole luminous palm aside her face.
Fantasize and throat arches, expands; autumn.
Must move that way, constrict your fist, and project rain from your knuckles.



To be restrained from grasping her body, then grasping her body.
Forms community around orgasm; lined with yellow maple leaves, as with flame.
Building story requires near perfect annihilation of fact.



What is masterly here? 







[As with the answer, "What one believes, sand wasps."  As with before the ants and wasps.  Obstacle pottery shards provide to fig's roots.  Why does he crave such disastrous tensions between how she is and how she was?  There's a controlling effort if ever I saw one; these burrowing insects have grooved the earth, have left a genital groove.  To arrange that grammar sunflowers crowd roses.  Written as the dialogue, "Tell me you love me."]

[Minute has passed; moonlight.  Such assurances as firm breast and shrunken.  Halos, with portions of unrest, moon.  That assumption has always been self-serving, silver beetle ring and screams.  As with any of this accept no other, hornet drops from limb.  Lie, lips.  Convivial sleep to one's fingertips.  The skin forced over itself at anchor of thing, thigh.  As with the answer, "23 hours of travel."  As with the answer, "My mother hasn't figured into my poetry."  Written as the dialogue, "Is doubt the word?"  Launch at that.]

[Writhe, the ground mnemonic, wasp.  As convolutes.  As ghostly sprout, apple seed.  Written as the dialogue, "Bodily sleep, proceeding from one's hairs."  The dialogue, "Wisps, powdered into the air silica."  As with the answer, "Membrane/confidante."]

[Hibiscus a fist now, flimsy in sun, limp.  Appropriate sleep.  How certain functions and is lost, hooded with palm.  One covets 11 o'clock.  As with the answer, "Naysayer/goldfinch from sunflowers."  Written as the dialogue, "Who has done this to me?"  The dialogue, "There was sleep and my eye found it."]

[Retelling self-control.  How like it it is, hands between shoulder blades.  Any new sincerity against wasps rings.  Litter made with their bodies.  Milky & jaundiced slightly & pooled in my palm.  A build is what if not a nod to self-control and Hubris, nettles beginning to ring the place.  People move their bodies as if either control is the mundane or the gain to which they've fallen.  With gigantism, sunflowers.  For the dialogue, "Crowds and explosives."  Pollen hillscape.]

[Hellgrammite.  Blows lips onto her.]

[Finch that ability:  caving sunflowers.  In a critical response to hell the perineum breathed upon, licked then bitten.  Framed by "great", freighted bee.  Have never encountered relevance.  How do shoulders progress.]

[Use shoulders to tense her back's arch, neck.  Cicada killer.  To mutilate is an additional space.]

[Miserly, lily, what's left for me.  Takes it explosively,  junebug.  "Film the bee dead."]

[Heel, in an acknowledging manner, between bedsheets dragged.  Whilst hell.  Nettles self-control.  Scooped from air, hawk. Micro-loading.]

[Has killed clever.  Wasp, bloody-black, from ground up.  Removing that cautiousness would remove me?  The maple isn't moving closer, it's spreading apart.  Push up & out to reveal more.  Lily stalks; annihilation theory.]

[Skull like luck.  There isn't one bird.  Green beetle, grass green.  How, hemorrhaging, the structure self-satisfies.  Hand mopes from her body, each quadrant mopes and sunlight cures band of shattered glass.  Tear & tear the muscle, lip moon.]

[Crepe myrtle, hydra at window. 
Devour his weakness; butterfly he takes for a bird. 
Lay into portraiture this action.
The skin plagued with these gates.]