One theory is about riding a bike
but we cannot apply this to language
Believing in script as a replacement for the body

                                  In the shock of sunlight at the tent mouth
                 he didn't recognize the wrong son,
                                             she stirs into the lentils       the wrong birthright

A toe-tracked blue line            is a mapping

Walking along the ledger lines the letters hang down
in both languages       I don't speak

                                          One theory regards the use of food vocabulary in language acquisition

                                          She sees me and kisses my cheeks because it is me she has seen / soft
                                                                                                     and curved brushing the material

                  Here is the ghost of myself           listening in           [not pictured]  

To enter with an offering / I would like to be kissed
at home and not at home

I learn how to understand correct and not correct

A toe-tracked blue line         is a mapping of national limits and my teeth
are the same material as my skull
                                                      wherein rings
a stream of words mine and not mine

                     One theory is about the permeability of the veil between women
as a replacement for the body

Speaking through gestures

While the day was bright / in the tent / it was night

I learn how to ask for what I want
to eat / how / to articulate
my hunger

I'm a listener at heart         in my hand-me-downs

In the tunnel between our houses where the snow light is blue and we both
get called home

She tells the story about birthright without understanding the presence
of her own body, impossible / unrelated

To pick it up and put it down with intention
As replacement for the body