Weak   door    light    hurt

with blood

field light pores



shaking a dart at him

ice most griping

I've had a horrible dream



Sarah, there is a criticising committee in the Reception room




nostrums   pores   crop

three first cases



            hurt   night   call

fatal remedy

canker a vegetable



Doctor, I've had a horrible dream



            in the spirit the system

my room clear sweat

so no better stranger




immediately threw me into a profuse sweat, till I felt as though I had been in a bath


            cure can no nerve fell

destroyer in the Community

as ice begins a year



Doctor.—Let us see how much you believe in him



            well growing bowed

wrist rounds throat

case hammer bath

Look in his mouth



            skeleton holes

Keep that idea bright

toad-stools truth to eat



Doctor.—Never mind your dreams (Goes to the door and calls)



            A NEW CURATIVE hygienic agency

can't grow going in

behind and above exhibitions

the sleeper not sympathy


            theory of the disease adapts

custom friend disease

arose as she

half afflicted regular


blood or stomach this

bracing without delay

to be universal


            no method merciful

family fear realizing fear