You will never be a centaur without me
But you will be a gypsy
The stars don't give a shit
We should be under one piece of cloth
Maybe sleep on my hair across the continent
Watch me go up in the sky I do
Now I'm falling into the ocean
You gave me only drops of what I wanted
I wanted to haul
I wanted to harbor your wreck
Stop not blowing the conch
Be a childhood okay?
The heart so ready before it existed
My mouth on your silence
The dark of not getting what I want
The dark of getting it
Holes forever and ever
Shoes of the father so stepped on
The belly of our thing I don't know what it is
But I know something slit it
Call me a jellyfish
In the evening my body grows a penis
I want you in my odor
And I don't give a shit about the stars
I want your skin for a screen
I can project a cemetery
You can smoke all you want
Welcome to the coffin