The language of your charm
unable to figure out I
am willing to risk my cozy with Oxford and all her
grammar folk darling to
break you once more into that tight
smile on a mission to unfetter
the bolts of this tool that I
be in the designless anatomy of you O
flirtatious machine friend bosom I
want to pull at the levers of your calm
arrange all them nouns of pleasure in a rapturous
agreement and then set them venturesome
verbs on fire
around the bastardized adjectives you
spill with such unjustified affect my
sweet fickle function of delish and sick you
are bound to be the next circle of
error on the thesis of my intellectual
fetish looping
infinitum between
its apostrophes and exclamations your
cigarettes hissing at my ambition
to sound so very stupider than I
really am around your vacant pierced
tongue and rings of skulls signaling
the immense immiscibility of us two but I can
not help it as in your own words
Luv is epic man
biblical and