For Polly



some people in our lives ask too many questions

nix the lip with bow and arrow                                                 your pen necklace in tow ’cause

you are writing this all down                         I read a poem that said

Dear Polly: I said No—no frost                       in Virginia the strawberries were safe

then wondered if you came from Virginia

I've never been there                         unless DC is a part of Virginia

but it appears to be separate                                                            like an island

             rid with fails                          and girls with pink nails

plankton across the sky if you did                            a somersault tonight

we might know eachother better                              are you cohabitating with anyone

are you younger than me                     glint of gold in the teeth                  I look up

there is a shy master forgetting what to do with the sky

            eagles I say put an eagle there