harmony in ultraviolent radix
roygbiv shimmerflow

the sun a black glass flame
fanim turn in blue grass wheel





green vegetal cube grove
beg the robin in your brain

heliotaxis toward a green sun




in riot iron core axe

bold shot up fragrant faggot
loose stones run a red curve








quantum annealing like the reddened ore onyx chrysalis pulling

I would go anyway down the long road in which one cannot see the base
the mountain heaping rosy starlight in a redshifting stony matrix

green the fist that cuts the wound an axe a life a love along the annealed row
to open your sweater to the Rosicrucian warlord quantum hum

in a Planck length tile tiny cigarette burning holes in skyspace

the blurred field in this giant garden stony flower leaves blue traces
vibrate in the void a wide black glass space like a piece of electricity

yellow bit and brim oxen of the sun a glint in mirror leaves a reflecting trove










axial sundrift
green intaking
kale strung
with a lathe







red metal gun curving back seabag
within lakewater one hundred swans
within glass globe claw glint song


redgold sandust curving thought
n shore against the twig strewn

bank embalmed with heap of corpses



dog water and god singe through
brittle glass cone pine rebus

an ash tree stand alone in water










shimmerflow in purple fractal uplifted stroke through clear water
little tug on arm hairs pulls you up into molten conscious ray







dung to gold
in lad charm
blond curl

in water




seasun green weed infolding groove
algebraic brain god burnt in goldstuff
range the stud watery amusia cube


jade churning in a sunbeam dark
greenblack in light patches green
alt curl small smell under airy noon


oneway and the other whirlpool black
nake god in seaweed crustacean black
ctopus clung on rocks crystal pull black


windhover sheer gold stuck dolphin
ray winedark through the tarry flow
greengold up sheen in tone hex moss agate







full moon tree

orion flux in
nul ptyx

black pull on
nyx graft or
nder vowel stem
coalsack nebula

cold pear of spinor
black moon

drift in chiral twin

darx sphinx


hinoki is dirt, smoke

temple wood and palace wood
carved in beryl ringlets under


sap pull toward springtime lux
vernal equinox and supermoon
caving toward amber push insect


under heaping rows of corn

you pull yourself unto black sphere
nder water sinking stone


















this crown of crows burning tree pitch
gagging faggot burning on the pile

cough tar bodice rectum in roseate glyphs
the black pyramid churning in darker night
no moon high tide pulling one out to sea

the dark weeds braid with your hair in blond matted locks
the purchaser breaks open in a shadowed sun

in hornets black wasps strung with a pearly lyre
uch arguments heaped in squalor dangling
triangles pour out in icy geometries

the stone behind a silver grid in blue fire
tatue I would take eating raven feathers
woman I would hear singing from a white cage
all the books heaped in the moss forest
labyrinth of stone behind the wooden church
nder moon string white apex folded folding




orangehammers glowering in the afterglow
udden boots in a moss puddle wave
ring leather gelding hung in a white web









at the watertower
pen light

across blue stripes
n a yellow curve

all geometry

flows into music











his music is glass spore
you see in calx radii

blue lichen clinging
radix beet carrot root
purple stony crush in
diamond logic twine


octaeteris over Heliopolis

onyx pyramid by the gold obelisk
deep abysm in void night

ovoid glyph under moonbark
in Venusian sidereal period
diamond crush pull back bell


many moons overlapping in the black gel
in a gold cartouche the names of the sun


















crooked stem stands alone in slope and river glen
brown in fallen autumn leaves lit up hue various in
dead fronds of bracken under slender branches
polished purple bronze weeping brass ingots lying

eight or ten feet long BIRCH an ivory bull queen outlying
trees dot the heathered wastes forest heath, begin to clothe
transparent crown foliage burning leaflets foil brilliant geode white
perfect winter house curve retreating snowstem numbers

toys a grove of young were there in smoke wreath haze
copper bough and purple twig spring water well up through
back against a wall of birds silver stem arc chariot lessen
laughing overshoot unfurl diadem oval in a sunbeam

falling into dogviolets that line the darkened wood and hill