because I am forgotten by the blue bottle
and hive: by the acacia’s mouth and the mirror’s
fogged mouth: because inside the pocket
of recovery there is a green deep-oceaned fish
whose erasure theories spin through
the downed ship pagan ship of being built
the wrong side upward: fish behave as bullets
in the offhanded emergency which night takes
into its palm: because this is a canyon experience:
little quarrels held up to the chorus
I mean light: because a procedure for being
sutured and pinned to a sky of blooming glass:
a gun is a piece of silver foil hologramming
inside a fisheye: because when eaten the ocean
drains back into the mineral garden
and I am left standing here: composed
of silicates and black milk and black-eyed susans:
I’m doing it again: expand delay expand : delay
I came here tonight to say it’s hard not to take
Gauguin personally: I mean steer away
from mercy: the white-fleshed fruit:
my fish: I came here tonight because
it’s hard not to take: I came here tonight