Witness this ribcage, complicated in the extreme: here wind surrounds a white pine
casket, white pain) the structure: stop: of a vessel (was in hiding / snow down tracks

this room of a dream’s construction. The cost of grand burials grows enormous, with
the death’s head upon them, within one month after our departure, improved

into a “dull, lifeless blackness”. Only a few cents this reckless, for you” no wrist
listens closer in flame in coma the primary no, avalanche it was all (says the text) a mental

disease.” It parts, waters of the Red Sea close after, what after there is none. empty. Curtains
end this fine chain of impressions your mind could indeed be represented on paper or in

a nightclub fire. We dig old graves but even the best embalming only ends in corpses.
Always / eternity, the infinite, immensity, of time, space, divinity & tombs / Lawless, this

intertwining of superstructures / as evidence at a show trial, as a pattern of stars,
latterly seen above—because a skeleton was thought necessary—all this we built, because

it is necessary to sweep away the dust of previous palace—upon understanding our
shoulder’s musculature | I still hold forth hope of a pure Palladian window arriving in a dream