Above the table
tempered with envy & a shotgun agreement, we
eliminate the modern forecast. A tree crouching near a
moldy pool dissolves blue exam books.
Provoke me. Evoke my supply of
origami levers, a tablecloth feeding crumbs to the guilt-
ridden river. Like your hair is down
& swims beside me.
Remember dinner? Remember the levee tripping with twigs?
Your outdoor body is water, the refigured
lamp floating like a night-bug. Our similes bring us closer to
an anatomy against envy. Against the swilled sink.
No longer the modern mossed with
glinting legs. Our levers
urgently pull to hide the program. The nuance-insects, mild in climate,
agents of a klutzy pattern. We iron leaves to cover the table.
Go salt the stain or
examine the cloud that keeps us.