When will our fucking hearts cease to riot?

                                                                                                           -- Superchunk


I know I promised you
I wouldn't make a scene

in front of all your friends
but is it so wrong if I write

your name across my shoes
& sit by you at lunch

is it so wrong if I want
to stand next to you in gym

class O your legs remind me
of a river bed I would do

a hundred sit-ups for
you & whisper your name

& kiss my knees pretend-
ing they were you


do you remember the Halloween
I went dressed as a cello & you

were a postcard of the Chicago
skyline O that was the most

fantastic night you were all lit up
& I played the same three notes

for you over & over again
but now I've forgotten what

you said when I told you my heart
had been welded shut I think

you said something about
symmetry or else you laughed

& told me I should have
come dressed as a bullet wound


I wrote your name on all
my folders & drew your

silhouette like a bruise on the back
of my hand O you are an arrow

in my wistful heart you are a
radio that keeps me up each

night in bed but once upon
a time you were a girl with

wings & you let me trace the
fissures in your spine O why

can't we go back to the time
when you were a cloverfield

& I was a meadowlark in the
engine of your delicate teeth


Miranda I said Miranda why
do you insist on calling me

by my name when I asked you
please to call me Ferdinand

to show me your teeth
& show me your fists

goddamnit there are still
some bones in my chest

you have yet to break
if you want you could use

my ribs for a cage in which
we both could live O if only

you'd draw a big black x & take
that fucking pickax & swing