to be from above

it equals difficult

to get inside [a bull] to

give it to you as such

and know that if you

can’t see then

close your eyes

there are four as much

on a table there

                  is the table          tools and chair

look         children everywhere and

when i draw a turkey

it looks like

a hand and

five fingers

some feathers


i draw a rooster




to be forever

skeptical of a bird in flight or

not flying but floating

grey-blue and bland

collectively we

release our hands

into water

we wave

slight feathers




to be tortured

is to be released slowly and

to feel finally

on the eve of greatness

to be infinitely pieced

sometime in spring

it is something

to be confessed not

how a wound heals

from suture but

to be blessed in spring




to be a snake

i don’t want to be a snake

not the cold cure or

custom bake of pastries

not the gun

or the rabbit

habit not the habit but

ride freedom dancer

ride down the sick ravine

find a remedy

make me please




to be allied

lilies itself

pours out the cabinets

the coffins           ouch

mineshafts mimicked—

tonight it was curry

tomorrow a

dull glaze




it was never a question of to be

but simply a matter of

incongruous movement and

an expectation of survival

the lack of a map and key

fast fact has

too much to say

for knowing

and pulls every thread

till breaking