Says Otherwise


I am not bringing people in today

Enjoy this

in the way in which it is

To be enjoyed

The hand comes down a weather

A ham hitches itself to a bud

The ass-y bloom

Add up to a people

Saddle up and ride a people to their image

Their we-ledge

The peephole says otherwise

The peepholes sate an eye

Dead batteries do their death on a desk

They are lean there, lain there

Does a vote constitute (a) people?


A battery-ied self is charged

A battered self is charged at

A new check card like a new check card

I require of my attendance to do its thing

in the stadium of that guffaw

I require of your attendance we un-tendon

this poem

That I make good

by tending my saying

Do we count as a people

and what?

To spread a one around with a this

A representation of black hair

A thing for dusting, glutted with dust