Bildungsroman Americana


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Gerald's RNA


                        Cosmos speak in strange dialect: strum strum
           coo-coo roo--chu chu--my mother's name
                                                                                                                       Lou, you're turn
         whose idea? crop rotation,
give me the pills, you fucking bitch,                                               They're playing aces in the                   
                           was Bill                                                                                              corner
                      ah excuse me
                        crop rotation           
                   turbulence through the σ of the    crop
                             airliner coffee--see that
shatter red--in sword-
fish light, not                                                                                                That's how
                                                                                                                     Haywood got here
shared by anyone
             the contorted flags
              of paysage      collapsed     neurological hands                        
                                        wrap up it up white cocoons
               where I peel bark from
the forest called "through the Mummified  
Harbor" and write "of debris / temporary
                    author / confiscated apartment"

                                                                                                          That's practicing   
                                                                                                           medicine and I only
                                                                                                           have a license
                                                                                                           to practice medicine
                                                                                                           in Nova Scotia










Indiana's RNA


Following Indy's airplane, red line from               his Ivy League University
            where a young girl in the front row of his ARCHEOLOGY! classroom wears
 a love letter that reads

Dear Indiana,

Speeds up your metabolism. Makes your life shorter. Makes your heart bong. Tranquilizes you if you've got the metabolism I have. I have distemper just like cats do, 'cause that's what we all are, felines. Siamese cat balls. They stand out. I had a cat, a Manx, still around somewhere. His name is GI Joe: He's black and white. I had a little goldfish too like a clown. Happy Halloween down.

           taped to her forehead
                        to the Gobi desert  takes a certain leap
of what might have been termed "the imagination" by Wordsworth if
                        he wasn't so busy writing about the
             flipped out sky of daffodils.
                                                Well, this is my kind of party; lots of LSD.

 When he gets to Mongolia, a fedora-wearing strumpet, his heartthrob,
gives him a ‘real' rough time.                   And, don't you just know
            in the back of your mind that she'll drink him
                        under the table, throw a fit, and then they'll do it on-set
looking as gorgeous as a few pieces of sequence
                        on the blue screen as I've said I represent
                                                             a yet unnamed quark?

             When they're done, you and your date won't even know
            what movie you went to see and then
it's off to stop Adolph Hitler! and
BOOM she says, turns over
                        in the bed (begins life story) I'm a connoisseur, Indiana, a woman
of the world
, (continues life story)

My mother's name was Bill  and coo? St. Valentine's Day is the start of the breedin' season of the birds. All buzzards can coo. I'd like to see it pronounced buzzards rightly. They work hard. So do parakeets.









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Beth's  RNA

                        A litmus test              Century tourniquets  
                             bright blue omens                   baseline script of vow-
                                els a cavern of deep            blue vowels poured
                              into vials brain                     to brain it was a can-
                                    teen milky volt-  age (all in vain) my
                        lover, the Hunchback,    
                                                            no. no. no. no. not syllabics.
                                                            try stresses.

[clears her throat]

                        A despair era grid husky
            whorish voices out of the American
            grain fields one ear irradiated  
                        other one eating Oxygen by fish with legs   
                                     furry cricket legs   pirates plank         
They walked from their sea-bottom and sang
dragging their broken legs behind them:
                        coo-coo-roo strum strum
                                       my marriage is over, the town's
sycamores all uprooted
              and the boys are throwing
                                        firecrackers into the tornado
                                                who scoops out main street  






Duet for the Turn of the Century [Piccolo, Trombone]


I rode one evening with Count Maddalo              I rode one evening with Count Maddallo
to see the workers in the                                     to see my lover, the Hunchback
cosmetics factory squeeze                          factories squeezing my hand we rode
barnacles down their throats                                      in a covered wagon to the Castle
He had a hiccup hearse                                    I am alive! and I ordered the killings
We rode for hours                                                            of the blue-blooded workers
I was a dying woman who wanted                       "who owns Hearst Castle?"
a glimpse of Hearst Castle                                                           a glimpse of her snow
I rode with the accountant to see                                  his chariot of pine needles
the workers of the Vietcong tunnel system                                    a spooky piece of photon
What  spooky     extinguished breath!                   all of your snows devastate me!
Europa dot dot dot Europa                                                             1,233 steps of the fox trot
all your blue-blooded rulers devastate me!                        curses the face and the herbless
What colors, your face, bunker, regiment,             peaks to the castle
look at the photon, Maddalo, in that rococo                     he leaked photons
cocoon,  sends a distress signal                                                 from his liver
for sudden death can affect us all                                         of the stagecoach, of history?
my eyes--allies into certain investigations:                           my ally in certain

























 Jerald's DNA was A-Riddling


            Everything shatters     the concept of exhaustion
            as if situation--                        stepladders, trap
doors, now a mysterious                                     bookcase swings back
the very situation                                    it started    as
 spring's official                          bereavement, the nature
of my refrain, was                                  my down bringing
a spiraling fur, or                                    a tulip wrapped in glassy
cellophane                                                on the green water?
   mummy at Niagra falls!                       a riddle's fumbling thumbs or    
the evening sparrows' nests                       nest quasi homeless
 but quasi is where we diverge                       for I outlived the
weakness of my doppelganger                in a fabricated pulse-- Faberge eggs--
            how I did it                               I do not know.

                        In between                    intrinsic value and lust
telescopic drugs, and bent on ruin            the accordions dirge me
closer to my limits:                                character and refrain, rearrange
the chess game of seasonality                   a little boat's rescue crew,
poor schooling                                           lice and the sensitive soul
            I resolve to imitate                                 my manifestations!
                        Magnificent, Maddalo, the doctor's warm white
                                                excitement greets the traveler. Bombay
                        cures, the cream inside their torsos.                     












note the egg that fits in the middle of this poem.














Poetry is Hilarious!


Wax peaches in a pale blue bowl                         allow sunny rays to loop into
                         pale orange flesh        and my homeland is
perfumed with corpse meat:                               staphylococcus on vines hold these
eachotherseeds in the afternoon.                 I am too clinical for the gurney,
 too church mouse for the pews              in this age of nautical loams & vroom thru
Tree trunks echo rings in grapes               coccos--"the world exists!" a sapling
Ballet dancers remove                             their feet oh to dance to clocks
 charm Bavarian Bill said we were            erased as shoots   irradiated weeds
                                                            in our war
                                                         wagons westerly
                                                       this is the invention
                                                            of the wheel
                                                          spoke invasion
                                                         and spear turned
                                                            on the whirl
                                                      my infant named  me
                                                 "musical notes in a Petri dish"
                                                  florescent' s out   ward reach
                                                  Eskimo dry animal intestines
                                                        contamination scents
                                                    We made our way across
                                                      the Sierras on donkeys
                                                         beef jerky, tetanus
                                                            Munching on
                                                            eww scar tissue
                                                      red dust wrist, poetry
                                                       snows an hour then
                                                     stops caring, is hilarious
                                                 carrying an hour? glass, icicles.
                                                     give me back my torch.