The fireplace stabs fires with your eye experience. 

  The quiet figure has limited squares,  mirror    less about
                 fiction            mirrors a plane      folds & cuts a  confine,
        plane,  prognostic                of intended movement

         let alone       to and fro                      to intend    hem-stitched dogroses 

as texture vase         the multiplied & fortified in all domains

   lapping rosettes






                         i know more from that which changes more, my
              uncertainty.  (its expression       pooled  mosaic   dry blotches on

                rousing  jolt     destroyed      intent
               an     all-over course
                                       of order
                           plumed      produces
             the handmaids of information penned close
                    to      split   divide columns
                             to perceiver   -     perceived/clothed
                    with a        thick weighty tint
            norm of changing aspects
   middle escaping & massy,      no points/parts 

        in the squirrely caterpillar cloud              or part-human mood
        lowering her eyebrow.
                                              --the visible manifestation
                                       of multiples
            --but the very ease of this, how little it would
                                                         tell us