Carburetor Poem


Innards, I am seeing your innards,

Little Miss Chompy Gum.

Big explosions are my favorite.

Fine then.

Do not throw me the ball.

A tall possum lose its fear

down in the hammemites,

down in the slow pooveys.

The Lord is always near.



Ole Smootie

Livers is best for catfish.
Catfish nibbled Smootie’s liver to bits.
Ha! Haha! Ha!
Smootie tank and cantankery.
Wise ole Smootie, the earth
propped on his chin.
Stump-broke ole Smootie.
He lift up the mayor’s perineum
to the Lord, who is always near,
And the mayor lift up ole Smootie’s
perineum to the other Lord,
who is also always near,
and the Lords say, like a hammer,
“That’s the mayor’s perineum,”
and the Lords say, like a hammer,
“That’s ole Smootie’s perineum.”