Inset diagram of a runner’s legs.

Trophy gleaming in upper corner.

Boar bristles pinned along his calves

smirking like hidden playing cards.


Inmate of Bilbid prison, Number 103.

Pocked skin displayed from every angle

as if needles tapped across his face

prick   puncture    slurp    


Evid rubs the feet of the Moro chief.

She bears down in every cranny.

Another wife [middle-aged] serves him supper.

Evid [twelve] leaves immediately.


Figure 44. Bontoc Igorot woman.

Photographer known.

Receipt preserved in the Archives.


Folkmar measures arm span, length and breadth

of nose bridge, hairline from ear to nape

circumference of lumps evident on the skull.


Frame by frame evolution of Bontoc Igorot Man:

1. woven hat fastened to the back of the head

2. hat on top of head

3. a hat shipped from Cincinnati


“Get a load of his teeth—

pointy enough to tear through your flank.”


Figures 31 through 33: Eradicate cloth and

the beads are easily observable, the way they’re

pendulous. There are breasts. (Arms clenched to waist.)


Observe the tattoos, mid-bicep.

4 lines like boomerangs

Several rows, several circles spanning 6" of shoulder.

Lower bicep: 2 rows of triangles like a gecko’s tail

whipping his nipples into submission.


Visayan dwarfs, eating with fingers.






“How many bracelets can a girl wear on one arm?

Fashion faux pas. Her arms weighted down."


Revision of figures 31 through 33:

Other images suggest these women

typically don’t wear shirts.