Rachel Abramowitz received her BA from Barnard College and is currently attending the Iowa Writers’ Workshop in Iowa City.

Andrea Baker was the recipient of the 2004 Slope Editions Book Prize for her first book, like wind loves a window. She is also the author of the chapbooks gilda (Poetry Society of America, 2004) and gather (moneyshot editions, 2006). She maintains a blog at

Musician & poet Zach Barocas co-edits The Cultural Society. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Kimberley Yurkiewicz

Erin Bertramis a fellow in the MFA Writing Program at Washington University in St. Louis. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bloom, Columbia Poetry Review, Natural Bridge, and The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel--2nd Floor. Her chapbook, Alluvium, is forthcoming from dancing girl press.

Daniel Borzutzky is the author of two books: Arbitrary Tales (Triple Press, 2005) and The Ecstasy of Capitulation (BlazeVox, 2007). His translation of Port Trakl by Chilean poet Jaime Luis Huenún is forthcoming from Acton Books. His translations of early 20th century Chilean prose writer Juan Emar appear in Conjunctions, Fence, Words Without Borders, Action, Yes, and elsewhere. Daniel lives in Chicago.

Lily Brown currently lives in Oakland, CA. She is a second-year MFA student at Saint Mary's College and her chapbook, The Renaissance Sheet, is forthcoming from Octopus Books.

Laura Carter lives in Atlanta.

Tyler Carter lives in Oakland California. Recent and forthcoming publications include American Letters & Commentary, Tantalum, word for / word, Combo, and /nor. His blog can be found at

Julia Cohen's chapbook, If Fire, Arrival, is out from Horse Less Press. Her poetry can be found or is forthcoming in Cannibal, Spinning Jenny, Absent, Coconut, Octopus, the Mississippi Review online, and Pindeldyboz amongst others. She lives in Brooklyn and can be reached at or

Simon DeDeo is a poet and scientist. He lives in Chicago where he edits rhubarb is susan and co-edits absent magazine.

Jim Goar’s book, Whole Milk, is available from effing press. "Guided Tour" is a poem from the book, 33 Times Before Sunrise. Poems from that series have been published by, or are forthcoming from, LIT, Horseless Review, TYPO, and Word for / Word. If you are interested in making 33 Times, let him know.

David Goldstein's is the author of a chapbook, Been Raw Diction (Dusie), and his poetry has appeared in numerous journals, most recently in jubilat, Epoch, and Zeek. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he teaches poetry writing and Renaissance literature.

Carolyn Guinzio's work has appeared recently in 42opus, Phoebe, Tarpaulin Sky, The Bedside Guide To The No Tell Motel, and elsewhere. Her book West Pullman received the 2004 Bordighera Poetry Prize and was published in 2005.

Kenneth E. Harrison. Jr. is a graduate research assistant in the MFA program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where he serves as editor for Natural Bridge. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly, Margie, Word For/Word, and elsewhere. A full-length collection, The Soul I Imagined, is making the rounds.

Rebecca Loudon lives and writes in Seattle. She is the author of two collections of poetry, Tarantella (Ravenna Press 2004) and Radish King (Ravenna Press 2006) and a chapbook, Navigate, Amelia Earhart's Letters Home (No Tell Books, 2006.) Her blog is located at

Keith Newton edits the online magazine Harp & Altar. His poems, translations, and reviews have appeared in various publications, including Nebraska Review and Circumference. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Daniel Plate lives just off the Mississippi in Alton, Illinois with his wife and three kids. He crosses the river to teach near St. Louis and works when he can on a dissertation about the Depression.

Emma Ramey lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is on the editorial staff of DIAGRAM. Her poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Cannibal, Octopus, Sentence, Cranky, Mississippi Review, and elsewhere.

Kate Schapira lives, writes and teaches in Providence, RI. She has just completed a book-length manuscript, The Another Notes; another manuscript, PHOENIX MEMORY, was a finalist for the Action Books December Prize in 2005, and her work has appeared in a number of print and online publications. She also enjoys making small books of writing and drawings and leaving them around for people to find.

Morgan Lucas Schuldt is the author of Verge (Parlor Press: Free Verse Editions, forthcoming fall, 2007) and Otherhow (Kitchen Press, forthcoming spring, 2007), a chapbook. His work has appeared most recently in Verse, LIT, Fence and many other journals. Currently Morgan studies at the University of Arizona where he edits CUE: A Journal of Prose Poetry.

Abraham Smith hails from Ladysmith, Wisconsin. His recent work appears in Court Green, 88, jubilat, and Denver Quarterly. He was a '04-'05 Writing Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA.

Theresa Sotto's recent work has appeared in Spinning Jenny, Coconut, Shampoo, and ZYZZYVA. A chapbook of her poems will be published in the Coconut Chapbook Series in Spring 2007. She lives in Santa Monica, CA.

Ann Stephenson was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in MIRAGE #4/PERIOD(ical), Saint Elizabeth Street, and Sal Mimeo. Her chapbook, Wirework, was published by Tent Editions, 2006. She lives in New York City and is currently completing her MFA at Bard College.

Bronwen Tate lives and writes happily in Brooklyn, enjoys teaching English Composition in various parts of Manhattan, yet still considers moving back to the West Coast. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Brown University and her work has appeared in Horse Less Review, How2, Word For/Word, No Tell Motel, and others. She can be found writing about the books she reads and the bread she bakes online at Bread and Jam for Frances.

Allison Titus lives in Richmond, VA.

Chris Tonelli lives in Cambridge, MA where he runs The So and So Series. His poems, essays, reviews, and interviews have appeared or are forthcoming in H_NGM_N, Melancholia's Tremulous Dreadlocks, Good Foot, Kulture Vulture, Drunken Boat, Inch, Word For/Word, Verse, RealPoetik, New York Quarterly, Sonora Review, Asheville Poetry Review, GutCult, LIT, and Redivider. His work will also be appearing in The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel – Second Floor and Outside Voices' 2008 Anthology of Younger Poets. His chapbook, Wide Tree: Short Poems, is available from Kitchen Press.

Jen Tynes lives in Providence, Rhode Island. With Erika Howsare, she edits Horse Less Press. She has had the good fortune to publish one book, The End Of Rude Handles (Red Morning Press 2006), and two chapbooks, The Ohio System (a collaboration with Erika Howsare) (Octopus Books 2007) and See Also Electric Light (Dancing Girl Press, forthcoming 2007). Her writing has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Denver Quarterly, Lit, and The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor.