I said to the couple on the airplane.
Don't worry; I won't drop him. I'm a dancer;
I never drop anything. Besides, I'm good with babies;
                                   I have huge breasts & big eyes.
He's just having a little altitude earache. I'll bounce him
on my huge breasts and sing something under my breath.
We'll just take a little stroll down the aisle;
let you two get some shut-eye.
Sure, it's narrow, but so am I.
                                   I have no hips to speak of.
Give me your baby, I said with my widening smile,
my enormous breasts, and my pointy pointy shoes.








My lover, one time, slid silently
into a duck pond and forgot to paddle.
He was Norwegian, sunburned drunk,
and he sat cross-legged at the bottom, though
the Canada Goose flapped and screamed:
Loki! Loki! You've nothing to prove to the Gods!
But water compounded dream
and he stayed under like a limestone frog.
His toes held weed in fine sprays.
Blackberries burped up and broke the surface.
Evening came and everything froze
the same color, the same gelatinous flame.
I think a wood stave stood up from the bed
and insinuated itself into his palm where he sat
watching silt clouds gallop like alpacas
across the green down gloom.








Through the closed door
you can hear two people boring each other.

A baby sounds like it's been stepped on.

Next to the bus stop, an eaten-out pumpkin
spills seed from its side.

Now you can get these boots which
turn girls' ankles into powder-blue fireplugs—


One pair for the price of a hatchback.
These, too, have folding parts and good tread.

The word "quotidian"
is the graduate student's decoder ring,
a cross-cohort call-to-arms.

How can I please this rubbery republican dick?
Talk dirty in fleece, have some almonds
and cream sherry o yes cream sherry.

There was once a girl who grew
nervous bowels and turned into a bus bench.
Her breasts shriveled
and all the fizz went out of her


She was always going: it's so flat here.

There was a man in her bed
who fucked her like an equation.
He wore a hat, had eyes like flat buttons;

his mouth was an inverted potato chip—
it said              yes?