They stuffed us in there when we were kids. We read in the dark— that is, we couldn’t see any words, rather imagined what was on the page. And now some dick is crushing our bones. And we are becoming one great mass of pulp. We are hamsters in the caged anus of a porcelain ET doll. That is it—


No there is more— we still have dreams. We wake confused. We hear sounds through the walls; distorted breathing, wonder if that is what we will become. We don’t know anything—


We know everything— we know that mobile of hummingbirds hanging from the ceiling must not be real— spinning circles. We know they must only be an idea—


We dream of word patterns fitting and not fitting of hands and other appendages coming down on us of the combination of that breathing and our projection of what the hummingbirds are— why they are there—


There is light seeping through the sides of the window behind the blinds.






The stuff is in there. kids. We the dark— that is, we see words, imagine the page. And now some bone. we are mass    pulp   hamsters    the aged anus. That is it—


No more— we  dream   wake    distort    breathing, we will become. We know anything—


We know— know   of hummingbirds   must  spin . We know an idea—


We  word patterns it and not it of ands and     other appendages    down    us of the breathing and  hummingbirds are— why —


There      seeping through      blinds.







The stuff. the dark— words   imagine   page.      some bone pulp    the age. That is — more— we  ram   a    sort    a  thing, we    come. know     a     thing—


We know— know   humming.     We know idea—


We     pattern it    dot  it      o  appendage    down    the   hum    birds are— why —


seeping through      blinds.






The tuff   dark   words   imagine   page.      some age—  more— we  a   a    sort    a   we    know     a     thing—


know— know   hum.     We know   a—


We     a   it       it      a     age    down        the   hum     a —


ping through      blinds.





The    a      a     page—  more— we  a   a    sort    a        a     thing—


know— know   .     We know   a—


We     a   it       it      a     age         the   hum     a —


ping    o      blind.








    a      a     page—  more— a   a    sort    a        a     thing—


know— know   .        a—


  a   it       it      a     a            hum     a —


 pig      o        i.