→ a virus from outer space → an always already plasmodium → which makes the interstellar

monadology → cmpr leibniz burroughs → andreas' malaria research → fever → fever →

the hallucinogens → the flight → the pleasure → fever → fever → bedridden → the immobility →


→ the virus' progression → the transformations → cmpr müller → the zoon politikon a

host animal → for eternal virus flows → epidemic fluctuations → a fastfood station for

unreachable metabolism → colds not death-becoming may be the height of meaning in an order

→ cmpr darwin →


→ the aspenströmian insect- and creature-becoming urge → death virus* → the tasteless

celebration of life → develop hate epidemics → cmpr elektra →


→ the abstract radiation coercion → there is no way back → the premodernities spread → words

that are incorporated as flesh which inexorably perform the plasma functions of hypermodernity

→ to want to die → let them die → to believe that one believes → that one knows why one dies

→ cmpr dante → cmpr the eternal paradise visions → the death variations → the

sicknessliberation →


anthrax packages → chernobyl winds → supplies of biological arms arsenals supplies of

chemical arms arsenals → the injection of wonderful threats → cmpr meinhof baader ensslin

raspe et al → resurrected limestonequarryfriends in the bourgeoisie's perfect educational lessons

→ the s/m pleasure of the euro-endogen hitler medium →


→ cmpr the prototype camps for the exclusion and eradication of the jew virus → of the

communists → of the gypsietrash → of the immigrants → of the mental cases → of the

developmentally impaired artistotle vegetables → of the hiv-homos of the hiv-whores → of the

al-qaida warriors → of the sars host animals → of the pest corpses → of the suiciders → of the

tuberculosis carriers → cmpr the memory of the hiv-man walking around in the beckomberga

hospital area surrounded by four or five guards → remember the relief remember the performed

death voodoo → others' blood own oxygen → cmpr the pleasure of the serial banging hiv-man

→ the memory of the de sade erection as a pretext for the exercise of despotism → the laugh-

machine-laughter at the female-infected coccus and contagius receivers → at the

investigating police that could not stay away from the possibly hiv-infected body openings → the

flat chasm → fever → pulsating fever → so close so lovely one's own death internment → the

limitation urge → the slave will →


→ the rhizome fistulas for teenage deathmothers' subjectless spill-subjectivities → cmpr artaud

→ cmpr the waste that structures globalization → cmpr dvlp jaar soyinka fanon azar → and one's

own seed the white sloppy virus → that produces one's own desirable death process → the

radical reduction → of what → dvlp →


the inscription disease → that never stops to never stop →


→ in repeated quarantine → in the bunker → the nihilizing fever → invert nietszche deleuze

guattari → a björling no → a celan constitution → sachs smoke → sacks smoke → the sky →

the particle medium →


→ we let the dna samples wander through a gel → a techno medium that implodes the time count

to eternal virology → to original sin → cmpr augustinus → and the darkness between stars →

where no god does not exist →


→ the herpes lips → the insides of that wonderful cunt → whichever → lick on → lick on → lick

on → blind the offspring → cmpr dvlp castell's oral increase and the interpassive pleasure

prostheses → the workmates' repeated sick days for bubbling and burning suck-lips → morework

for other latex hands → the fatigue → like a fever → the hibernation-like somatics → crawling in

others' refuse → the hatred towards the helpless creatures → and the state solidarity → and the

state mirror stage → if it is the you it is not the I that is it →

                                                              Translated by Johannes Göransson.


* It does not belong to the living or the dying and has always already visited and is always
already ur-implanted in the given intersubjective circuit.