Christine Hume


Nine stitches and liquid morphine cannot keep it closed

Rounded by your stomach more hollow than forgot

Steel birds fly from clocks

Striking the same hour in interval

A freak disease tears across the vista

You’ve been told this is the year of medicine

Lunar halo must bother you tonight with some life

Stronger than satellites with strong melancholies

The situation of radar gone deaf

War shine and flare lit in the lips

A ring of unknown men waiting

To think of it is a tourniquet

Embracing you to the point to the point of

Sugar awake in the disaster

Vaccinations breaking on a slanted animal

The situation of its waves

Puts full bladders on the water top bothering you

Time for you to ride it

Even when it acts botched or hypnotic

A tornado hanged in example

Eye sticking to its guns

It must bother you with oblong torment tonight

Between your deserts and escaped stars

Messes of radial spoils steal on you

Recognizing your continuous tattoo

Lunar halo casts your face in harassments

It dissolves former weather in your ear

Takes up with your hexes

Ice becoming gas blasting into a foaming hole

Out of which zodiac carcasses crawl

Under lunar halo, anyone who waits

For sleep waits to be seen to