Two Poems — Christopher Janke

psalm to oceans & science, a sperm & you, yes you

all about waiting
for the ocean to arrive

like a schedule of days
when light and dark

are given at random,
yes science was

built on wow,
and i am imprisoned

outside its water.
science is sperm

you are
the faster egg.


this psalm was a young wolf in a net hung from a sapling

but i released my psalm into the woods

and now my psalm hunts me

because once i fed it beets

that caused its urine to be pink

the word is god and the word

will run me down like a sickly goose

and i will fall with my nose against a stone

when my leg has been chewed off,

i will dig the blade into the lungs of this psalm

blood on the page your hands

won’t you say grace

before you piss on the fire

typo magazine — issue three